Nigeria’s Health situation is well documented with Nigeria lagging behind regional and global peers across most health indices.  Healthcare challenges abound across all delivery sectors: inadequate health facilities for in/outpatient and emergency care; prevalence of infectious diseases; increasing impact of non-communicable diseases; high maternal and child mortality; etc. Access to basic health information and awareness is an important but missing element in the solution set. A well informed public will be positioned to take preventive care actions that can significantly improve health outcomes. HealthCore Ltd. was formed to systematically distribute health information to the public in an attempt to bridge this gap. Our aim is to become the trusted purveyor of contemporary health information in Africa.


The HealthZone is a TV Health  magazine  that currently airs on Channels TV, The HealthZone delivers health education on the most common ailments affecting Nigerians in simple terms that anyone can understand. The show features a panel of internationally acclaimed consultant specialists in each of the medical conditions of focus. Each week, our physician expert moderator facilitates a discussion of a particular medical condition with the guest specialist and also samples public perspectives and myths from the Man on The Street Segment.


Our vision is to see an Africa where everyone is living healthy, physically active lives.


Our mission is to be a centralized resource for organizing and distributing relevant and actionable health information.