LIFELINE – South African Dialysis Treatment Survivors!

Wednesday 25th October 2010.
Room 65, Haemodialysis Unit,
Renal Unit A7 East Block,
Tygerberg Hospital, Tygerberg,
Cape Town, Western Cape,
South Africa.

LIFELINE – South African Dialysis Treatment Survivors!

South African dialysis treatment recipients share their success stories.

Holding her lifeline in her hand, Caroline Hans receives dialysis treatment at the hospital. Two pipes pump blood, one taking unclean blood from and another pumping cleaned blood back into her as she rests next to her dialysis machine.

Caroline Hans, Mother, Wife, Home Keeper, Kidney Transplant Recipient and Dialysis Treatment Survivor, visits the hospital three times a week for her four hourly dialysis treatments per session each visit. She says, “I’m so glad I come here because this is my lifeline.” pointing to the tubes running from her body to the dialysis machine next to her. “If we don’t get this then we will die.” she continues to say. Sharing about her life now and on accepting the situation with others sharing the same illness she says to me, “I make peace with this illness and the patients around me.” Caroline enjoys cooking and baking and keeping her home nice and neat. She shares her home with two of her daughters and her husband. She can’t work properly anymore.

Three South African’s share their success stories about how dialysis treatment has saved their lives and given them a new lease on life. Through regular treatment at the Tygerberg Hospital’s Kidney Unit in Cape Town Western Cape, South Africa, Caroline Hans, Stanley Davids and Dean Simmers have all become excellent examples of how the health system in South Africa can and should work when functioning properly.

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