Serious About Losing Weight? Try This.- By Guest blogger – Maje Ayida


No amount of exercise will undo a bad diet. If you think about it from a calorie perspective you may workout 3, 4 or even 5 times per week but you eat 21 meals a week. It’s simply no contest. Good nutrition is NOT just about calories. Food and drink affects you at a cellular level, the complexity is enormous. Fats, Carbs and Proteins all have their part to play in forming a fit and healthy functioning body.


The idea that Fat Loss is simply an equation of Calories IN versus Calories OUT undermines the body’s essential needs. Do you really think that 100 calories of Ice Cream and 100 calories of Broccoli really have the same impact on the body?

 Close Up Of Overweight Woman Trying To Fasten Trousers

Changing your diet dramatically can and will have effects on your body. Although everything shared with you is well researched and totally natural some adverse effects may occur. If you are pregnant, or on any prescription drugs, then confirmation from your doctor is recommended. OK, that’s the legal stuff out the way – lets get started.


The world is getting sicker, fatter and less healthy. Money rules. Big corporations with big marketing budgets are out to get you. Don’t be fooled. Listen to your body and your basic instincts. Always bare in mind that most companies DO NOT have your optimal health in mind when they are selling you fancy foods and drinks. Let’s not forget where we came from. For millions of years we have evolved, eating and drinking foods from nature. We didn’t get where we are today eating processed foods, sugar based drinks or low fat ready meals. We don’t just come from nature we are nature. Everything we eat and drink becomes us. There is nothing more important for your health than what you eat and drink. Bring life into your body by eating live foods not dead ones!


Food choices abound, and there’s so much information out there online and in the blogger-sphere. Where do you start? The commonsense approach is to choose organic foods whenever possible, avoid “bad” foods and eat even “good” foods in moderation.


In our next post we’ll take a look at the foods that are both good and bad for us, and how we can improve our diet.


Maje Ayida is a Wellness Coach and CEO of the award winning Health and Fitness Brand, Eden Lifestyle. The visionary behind the popular HIIT Squad, he is also a fitness columnist for a national newspaper, and has made numerous television and radio appearances, educating and motivation Nigerians on healthy living. Maje is currently the host of a morning fitness television show, Work It Out, showing across Africa; and was a featured judge on Nigeria’s first weight loss reality tv show, The Fastest Shedder.