Serious About Losing Weight? Try This. By  Maje Ayida


When you’re serious about losing weight, making the right food choices is probably about as important as it gets. Here’s a general guide.


Bad Foods


Gluten, the protein in wheat, has not been around as long as you may think. Many people suffer with this irritating protein. Removing all gluten from your diet will have a profound effect including stopping: bloating, headaches, skin problems, fatigue and so much more. So, no Breads, Pasta, Wheat based sauces etc.



Milk is meant for baby cows not humans. Many people are lactose intolerant and cannot break down the lactose sugar in milk. Milk is not as high in calcium as you may think, there is more calcium in leafy greens. So, no milk, cream or cheese!



Stimulants like sugar, caffeine and alcohol play havoc with your nervous system and blood sugar levels. Sugar is everywhere so beware, if it ends in “ose” it’s a sugar: Sucrose, Fructose, Maltose, Glucose.

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Good Foods


Vegetables, now we are talking. Eat as many as you can. Eat with the seasons and try to get a good mixture of colours. Try not to boil the nutrients away, steam, eat raw or add to stews. If you do boil them use the water for soups and sauces. Go organic!



Don’t be afraid of meat. Protein is necessary to repair muscle and a vital source of nutrients. Try all types from fish to red meat, white meat and game. Don’t be afraid of the fat, if its organic you can eat it, just like our ancestors did!



The science for eating more good fat is overwhelming. The body actually produces its own saturated fat, it’s so important to good health. Bad fats are the enemy so only stick to the good fats like: olive oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, butter and organic animal fats!



Be Careful With:


Eggs are an excellent protein source and good for breakfast but not everyone can tolerate them. If you can eat them, great! Make sure you eat the yolk too that’s the best bit and utter nonsense about causing high cholesterol. Go Organic! Some people can also tolerate Natural Plain Yoghurt!



Fruit has changed over thousands of years. Today fruit is loaded with sugar and can potentially disrupt sugar balance. Limit fruit to only when it is naturally in season. Fruit should never replace a meal. Limit to one piece per day!



Rice, Beans and Lentils can all be a great source of slow releasing carbohydrate. But just like fruit they can disrupt sugar and energy levels. Don’t overly rely on these types of foods, treat them as a side rather than a main meal.


In our next post, we’ll put it all together to build great meals.


Maje Ayida is a Wellness Coach and CEO of the award winning Health and Fitness Brand, Eden Lifestyle. The visionary behind the popular HIIT Squad, he is also a fitness columnist for a national newspaper, and has made numerous television and radio appearances, educating and motivation Nigerians on healthy living.