The ABCs of health for your child – Part 1

african mother and her son in doctor's office

As parents, our responsibility to nurture our children requires a holistic approach – taking into consideration the whole child. Healthy living for your child requires that you place equal importance on your child’s physical, developmental, emotional and social wellbeing.

Africans, like Asians, are known for placing a lot of emphasis on the academic development of their children. This parental focus on academics is not necessarily a bad thing but can become an obstacle to the overall well-being of a child, if other areas of development are ignored.

The ABCs


In addition to well child doctor visits to make sure his overall development is on track, your child should receive all the recommended vaccinations. The ABCs of child health are the health basics you need to pay careful attention to at home on a daily basis.

Helping Kids Eat Healthy

Proper nutrition is essential to good health for all kids whether they’re babies or teenagers.




In the next blog post, we’ll review fitness, emotional and dental health for your child.